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Restaurant Consulting

Ready to make your restaurant dreams a reality? Let Culinary Pathways be your guide! Our team has the experience and expertise to help you create a successful restaurant concept, assist with a  business plan, craft a focused menu, and find the perfect location. We'll take care of everything from preliminary planning, kitchen layout and project design to permitting, contractor selection, construction, and health inspections to make sure you get to your grand opening on time.


Menu & Concept: At Culinary Pathways, we understand the importance of creating a menu and concept. Our team of experienced chefs will design a custom menu tailored to the restaurant’s concept while considering the local market's needs. Our goal is to ensure that the restaurant succeeds and that the menu reflects its unique concept. So let us help you create a unique and successful restaurant concept.

Kitchen Layout & Equipment: We understand that the kitchen is the restaurant's engine, and its layout and equipment are just as crucial as the front-of-house. That's why we take a holistic approach to the restaurant focusing on both the front and back-of-house operations. We strive to create an efficient, productive kitchen layout that will work in perfect harmony to give you the best results.


Restaurant Character: We specialize in creating the ultimate dining experience for our clients. We understand that the image of the exterior and interior is critical to the restaurant’s success. Our team of designers and architects are prepared to develop a space that coordinates with your food concept, creating a visually appealing and memorable atmosphere. With years of success behind us, we strive to bring your dream restaurant to life.


Property Evaluation: At Culinary Pathways, we understand that choosing the right location for a restaurant is a huge undertaking. That's why our experienced professionals are dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible. We take a holistic approach to searching for the perfect spot, taking into account the demographics of the area, zoning and building codes, and working with city officials and landlords. As a result, we have successfully negotiated many contracts and have the knowledge and experience to get the proper permits. So let us help you find the perfect location.

Build-Out:  Beyond all our planning, finding a reasonable and responsible general contractor to build out your space is critical. We can assist you in finding a contractor that is right for your project. The contractor must demonstrate their experience on similar projects and be confident in their ability to complete the project on time and within budget.​

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