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Educational Programs

At Culinary Pathways, we strive to provide our students with the necessary skills to enter the foodservice workforce and succeed in the industry. Our comprehensive training program is tailored to the needs of each individual and provides hands-on experience in the kitchen to ensure that students gain the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed. We also assist with job placement and readiness so our students can secure a successful career in the culinary industry.


Educational Goal: Culinary Pathways provides essential job training and hands-on culinary experience to struggling individuals in the community. Our programs help equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to get hired in the foodservice industry. We provide comprehensive training with an Instructor/Food Manager that covers food preparation, sanitation, kitchen communications, and proper equipment usage.

 Individual Impact: Our culinary pathways educational program has been developed to act as the catalyst for individuals in a community to build a better life for themselves. The skills and training program will provide a pathway for previously unattainable job opportunities. Our goal is to promote individual economic sustainability through education.


Employability Skills: Every job requires skills and behaviors, sometimes called soft skills or job-readiness skills. In addition to acquiring culinary skills, students will learn to communicate with coworkers, solve problems, understand their role within a team, and take charge of their careers. Additionally, students will learn how to prepare a resume and practice interview skills, and receive support in finding and retaining employment in the culinary workforce.


Market Place Need: The demand for qualified food service personnel has increased significantly, providing opportunities for work in various settings, including restaurants, grocery chains, hospitals, hotels, schools, and catering.

Projects for Non-Profit Organizations:

Roberti Community House:

Waukegan, Illinois

Roberti Culinary Pathway training and meal program: 

The Roberti Culinary Pathway is located in an economically distressed neighborhood of South Waukegan, where the current poverty level is over 32%. Just a couple blocks to the South, the poverty level climbs to 45%. We give struggling individuals who live in this community the skills needed to enter the foodservice workforce.

Pioneer Center of Human Services:

McHenry, Illinois

McHenry County PADS feeding program:

Currently, McHenry County PADS program offers emergency shelter and support services to help individuals experiencing homelessness work toward becoming self-sufficient.

LAHIA – Love and Hope in Action:

Stuart, Florida

Culinary Pathways training and meal program

The LAHIA Culinary Pathway program trains students and volunteers to prepare meals for the LAHIA community. Currently, LAHIA provides approximately 1,000+ meals per week to the homeless and food insecure population in the Stuart/Port Salerno area of Martin County. The program will also be a conduit through which community relationships are developed and nurtured as LAHIA reaches out to other nonprofit organizations and the people they serve. Our neighborhood collaborations create ways to nourish the community while empowering it's residents.

Meals on Wheels:

Evanston, Illinois

Community feeding program:

Meals on Wheels of Northeastern Illinois is a powerhouse movement of neighbors volunteering to deliver fresh, healthy, and delicious meals to those who cannot prepare their food at home. We serve senior citizens with our popular meals, people with physical or cognitive disabilities, and those who need help during a specific medical situation like recovering from surgery. We also provide meal support for seniors on fixed incomes who struggle to pay for housing, medicine, and food.

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