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Culinary Pathways is a full-service culinary business.  We offer Educational Programs, Restaurant Consulting, and Interactive Dinners, all led by an experienced executive chef and partnered with a successful architect specializing in restaurant design. We are currently working on projects in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida.

Educational Programs

Our unique training programs are designed with your students in mind, offering hands-on experience and the skills necessary to excel in the foodservice workforce. With the help of our non-profit partners, we have seen countless success stories of students who have gone on to pursue their dreams.

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Restaurant Consulting

Embark on your Culinary Pathway today! Our team of experienced chefs, designers, and architects will help you create your perfect restaurant from concept to completion. Then, with our comprehensive services, get ready to launch the ultimate dining experience.

Interactive Dinners


We provide all the ingredients for a unique and memorable dining experience at your home. We prepare a unforgettable meal that will leave your guests talking about it for days. With our interactive dinners, you can discover a different way to entertain that will make your guests feel like they are dining in an upscale restaurant.

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